268: From $10000 to $200 Overnight Change Your Life and Career Path | Damion Lupo

by kingsleygrant
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Have You Been Wanting To CHANGE YOUR CAREER But FEELING STUCK? Are You In Need Of CLARITY To TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP Towards YOUR DREAM CAREER? I am here to help you do that. Stay tuned! 

Kingsley Grant
Host: Kingsley Grant

In this episode, our guest Damion Lupo shares how you can change your life and your career if you are willing to make a radical shift.

Change-your-life-change-your-career-damion-lupo-kingsley-grantThere are a number of insightful points he made that will cause you to take a pause in your life. He challenges us to look at life through various lenses.

Here are my notes from the interview:

  • On fear: we tend to build a boogeyman on the premise of what if something happens or doesn’t happen; what works or won’t works. This boogeyman keeps us stuck.
  • It often takes a third person to help us see what we don’t. Utilize mentors and coaches.
  • Learning takes place because you do "stuff."
  • You can’t really learn deeply until you are doing something. It’s the activity that works. That is how we grow and we need to keep it in mind.
  • You have to be willing to adapt or be steamrolled.
  • The Blank-slate Principle: If you took everything you have off your plate right now, what would you do? You’ll realize that there are things anchoring you that should not have been there in the first place. With everything off, you now get to put what ought to be there rather than what made it’s way there.
  • Our associations tend to hold us back. We become the average of those around us. If we don’t like who we are we need to look around. Who is influencing us? This discovery could be a game-change.
  • Start with your values. Is what you are doing or who you’re with, in alignment with your values?  We need to know what our values are.
  • Be with people who are good under the hood ~ Damion Lupo (tweet)

Damion shared some of his personal story about his dad. He stated that his dad's last words that he remembered are these: There were so many things I wanted to do and I felt regret. I felt somebody looking back and saying what was I thinking, why didn’t I go for it. Why wasn’t I bold?

Damion's response to himself was: I’m never going to be in that position. I’m going to live boldly and it’s gonna be based on more than just stuff.

Here are a few of his tips when it comes to how to change your life:

  1. Get clear on what it is you want to do
  2. Create time to do what is needed - “time walking”
  3. Have other people around us to whom we are accountable - accountability from people you respect and know what they are talking about who may not be the people who are around you now

Additional Notes:

  • Change your life and career it’s not about jumping off a cliff and hoping you can fly on the way down.
  • Start by taking action … start doing something. Don’t wait for it to be perfect.
  • People are wanting to transform into a different life; a different being. Help them do that.
  • We have to transform the way we do life away from the industrial age mentality.
  • Our lives are the results of our habits. Our habits drive everything.
  • We have to ask ourselves, what we are spending our lives doing.
  • Acknowledge the truth about the things that are getting in the way of what it is we say we want to do. Face the truth about ourselves.
  • On Not Good Enough: we think we are inadequate so we don’t go and shine our light on the world. We don’t go and do things.
  • You cannot play not to lose. If we do, we’re going to lose all the time. Be willing to play to win and be bold about that. (Tweet)
  • We are in a connection economy. We have to learn to connect and solving problems.
  • Solve a problem deeper than someone else is doing. This sets you apart.
  • Look around for the problems. Solve the problems. Treat people with dignity and respect. Connect with them.
  • Always be thinking of how you are going to serve people. People will become more attractive to you and will want to do more and more with you. All of a sudden there’s this abundance rolling out in front of you.

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Over the last quarter century, DAMION LUPO has started and owned more than 30 different companies including an insurance agency, a precious metals firm, a venture capital company, a financial consulting firm, and more than a dozen real estate investment and development companies.

He’s also the founder of YokidoTM, his own martial art and holds 3 other black belts. Damion is a 5 time author and sought after financial consultant for accredited investors and business owners.

Using a vast knowledge of financial markets, money psychology and pattern recognition he’s an expert at quickly diagnosing hidden financial cancers within organizations and the people running them and rewiring both for success.

Damion’s personal philosophy centers on Self Responsibility and a conviction that the only path to freedom is through candor, growth and 10X thinking.

After his father’s death in 2014, combined with 10X thinking, he launched Total Control Financial with a mission and design to create a permanent financial transformation for his clients.


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