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Have You Been Wanting To CHANGE YOUR CAREER But FEELING STUCK? Are You In Need Of CLARITY To TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP Towards YOUR ENTREPRENEURIAL DREAM? I am here to help you do that. 

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Most times the conversation around changing career is based upon a job change. When that happens, very rarely is there a conversation about personal branding. It's as if these two ideas are totally independent of each other. This Personal-branding-career-decisions-kingsley-grantmay explain why people change their careers so often.

In this episode, I share 11 Personal Branding Attributes that are explicitly linked to a Career Change especially when that change is entrepreneurial in nature.

Here are the 11 Personal Branding Attributes.



1. Personal Values - what core values drive your decisions and choices? These will help narrow down your career choice. Being in alignment is crucial to long-term success.

2. Passion - what are you curious about? What interests you the most? What is it that you find yourself doing that time passes quickly and you don't even notice? Having a career that is alignment with your passion, makes life so much more interesting and exciting.

3. Mission - having a mission statement is something that was very popular at one point. Every business would make sure what they do fall within their mission statement. This keeps you on the right track.

4. Vision - having an overall vision for your life, career, and business is crucial to your career success. It's hard to keep working towards something that you are not clear on. This is your big picture idea. Your mission should fall under your vision.

5. Strengths - do what you do best. Focus on your area of strengths and less on your area of weakness. There was a time when we were told to build up our weakness so we would be more well rounded. We do not have enough lifetime years to get our weakness built up to that level. If we were able to do that, it would be at the expense of our strengths.

6. Quirkiness / Uniqueness - we all have something about us that makes us stand out. Some people may label it as being quirky. It is that one or two things that make you who you are. Use this to your advantage. It sells. Don't hide it.

7. Personality - all of us have a way of behaving. Some regard such behavior as closed while others, open. Extrovert and Introvert are terms that are sometimes assigned to these behaviors. This is what you will project in a career change situation.

8. Education and Experience - some people discount these two attributes. They pursue more and more education as a cop-out for not making the change they know they ought to. Sometimes your experience is a better attribute to possess than formal education. Experience can be the best teacher.

9. Feedback from others - one of the ways to confirm your career change decision is to hear from others as to what they see as your strengths. We overlook what we do well thinking that everyone knows how to do such. This maybe what we need to think of when in transition. Let others help you with this. Ask them!

10. Goals - this attribute should be connected with mission and vision. Goals help us to fulfill our mission, which helps us pursue our vision. Having short and long term goals are a necessity towards our success.

11. Target Audience - knowing who and where you'll serve, makes it easier to make your career decision. There are some places and people that I know I'm not called to work or to serve respectively. It's nothing against those places or people, it's just not my forte. I don't have a passion for that. Knowing this about yourself will help you put into action and words what you do so they - the people - will know where to find you and what you do. Other terms that are used are the avatar, target market, and ideal persona.

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I am confused in choosing between a medicine and a management profession. What are the pros and cons of each field so that I can make a decision?

I am interested in both fields but I'm more interested in the medical profession. My grades for the medical profession are low so that's why I am confused whether I should go for it or not! Please don't tell me to improve grades as I don't have much stamina to cram those s**t books again!!

I think you have a beginning place to find your answer. Your feedback from the grades serves as a process of elimination.

This does not mean you aren’t good at what you’re interested in as I’ve seen people who do not do well on tests go on to crush it in the area they’re passionate about.

However, I think instead of focusing on the pros and cons of each field to make a decision, I would suggest the other way around.

Which of the two are you most passionate about? You cannot do both at the same time. If you had to choose one, which would you choose?

Once you’ve decided that, look at your skill-set; your competency. Which are you most qualified to do?

It may come down to this last question of qualification as to which you choose.

I believe this approach will help you minimize the confusion you’re having.


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