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Having Feelings Of Elation | Kingsley Grant | Episode 010

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Having feelings of elation is something that we experience occasionally. Some people have longer episodes of feelings of elation than others. I’m not sure if there is a study that shows the make-up of those who does verses those who don’t. I’m sure there is. It’s not the point of this episode as you will find out or have found out. What’s your thoughts on this emotional topic? I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below or ask a question by clicking on the microphone to your right. What To Do Now: If you are enjoying the […]

Strategic Planning Framework For The Aspiring Entrepreneur | Kingsley Grant | Episode SBP009

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Strategic planning has not been one of my strong points. It means sitting down and taking the time to plan. Being as ADHD as it comes sometimes (my own assessment), it makes it rather challenging. 

Strategic Planning Made easyBecause of this conception in my head of what it might require, I shy away. How about you? Is that true as well or are you the type that is into Strategic Planning.

Having attended a recent workshop and had an expert explain in a visual way what it might look like, I had a change of heart. It’s not that I now love it, but I’m not as intimidated as I used to be. Thanks Bruce Terkell.

In this episode, you will discover how it was that I came to this point. I included an infographic within the show-notes to show how. Please see below and share with your peeps.

Exerpt taking from Wikipedia

Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. It may also extend to control mechanisms for guiding the implementation of the strategy. 

Be SMART In Setting Goals| Kingsley Grant | Episode SBP008

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In this episode, you will discover how setting goals can be less stressful than some people have made it out to be. You will be hearing about the acronym S.M.A.R.T but not in the way you’ve heard it before (if you have). Planning for wSetting Goals That Workhat to do as the New Year kicks off, is always a good thing. It’s a time of fresh start for some – a kind of do-over. How is it for you? (NOTE: you can leave your comments in the comment box found below)

One of the highlights of this episode is that you put in place the various ways to ensure a higher probability that you will follow through on your plans. This is very important if you are going to succeed.

Here’s how the acronym – S.M.A.R.T is used:

Make sure your goals are:

Reduce Your Stress Levels Through Listening | Kingsley Grant | Episode SB007

by kingsleygrant
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Stress Stats

In a study of health insurance statistics, meditators had 87% fewer hospitalizations for heart disease, 55% fewer for benign and malignant tumors, and 30% fewer for infectious diseases. The meditators had more than 50% fewer doctor visits than did non-meditators.(D. Orme-Johnson, Pschosomatic Medicine 49 (1987): 493-507.)

Being aware of the different listening styles used in communication can help you manage your stress levels. The idea that we all communicate the same way, is a myth. We would all need to be robots Reduce Stressor clones of each other. I don’t want that. Do you?

In this episode, you will discover how the different listening styles have a direct correlation on the reduction of your stress levels.

It’s not so much knowing the listening styles that makes the difference even though it is important, but it is more so the effective use of the styles. Your awareness of these styles is crucial to your interaction with others.

What is a listening style?

It is simply a preferred way of making sense out of spoken messages. So it is how you make sense out of what is spoken. When you are in a conversation with someone you are trying to make sense out of what they are saying. You are trying to interpret the content of what they are saying within the context of where you are relationally.

Eliminating Negative Relationships Is A Must | Kingsley Grant | Episode SB006

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Elimination according to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary is “the act or process of removing something or someone.” To eliminate things or relationships that you have had for quite some time, is never easy. It calls for making changes and change does come with resistance. Have you ever noticed that?

Eliminating negative relationshipsHowever, negative relationships and things that are not serving you; making you better, must be eliminated from your life if you are going to take your business to the next level. You cannot continue with the way things are and expect different results. As you might have heard, this is insanity.

In this episode, you will discover how to eliminate negative relationships and things that is not serving you.  You will also hear how Meditation, Affirmation and Petition (M.A.P) can be used to help you experience a more productive day.

Some of the other topics covered in this episode are:

  • A mindset shift
  • The 80/20 shift from consumption to production
  • The 10% versus 90% reality

And much more …

Reconciling With Others And Self | Episode SBP005 | Kingsley Grant [Audio]

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One of the most challenging things that we get to do in life is making amends when we are wrong. It is called apologizing. I’m not sure about you but at times this is challenging for me especially when I could argue my point. Reconciling with others is one of the most important qualities a person possesses.

I know the immediate push-back by some is “what if the other person doesn’t want to reconcile with me?” This is a fair question but I don’t believe it matters. As long as I do my part, then I have no control over what others do.

Reconciling with others and selfIn this episode you will discover how to reconcile with others and why. You will also be introduced to three of the most powerful phrases that one can use in the process of reconciling. 

The definition of Reconciliation according to Merriam Webster is: to restore to friendship or harmony.

Some of the other topics in this episode are related to:

  • The 3 most powerful phrases in reconciliation: I’m sorry. I was wrong. Please Forgive Me
  • Reconciling with yourself as you do others
  • Taking responsibility for your mistake or wrongdoing.
  • And much more …

Optimizing Your Life For Success | Episode 004 | Kingsley Grant [Audio]

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This phrase Optimizing Your Life For Success, may sound strange at first because of word associations. Most times the word optimizing or optimization is used, it is in context with Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO).

However, to be successful in life requires a similar approach. As it it true that SEO is mostly about finding the right keywords that gives your online business publicity, so it is true that we all need keywords around our skill-sets.

EPISODE 004 OptimizationIn this episode you will discover the process of optimizing your life for success – the what, why, how and where.

The definition of Optimization is the methodology of making something as effective as possible.

If you were to think of keywords that are synonymous to what you do, what would they be?

As a Speaker, Life Coach and Author, my keywords are communication, interpersonal skills, effective listening, conflict resolution and reconciliation.

Once you realize what your keywords are, your next task is to organize your work, activities and goals around them.

The Power Of Collaboration | Episode 003 | Kingsley Grant [Audio]

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To be successful in life, you must exercise the power of collaboration. You and I cannot do life on our own and become all that God intended us to be without community. We need each other.

The Power of CollaborationHowever, we need to be careful with whom we join ourselves.

In this episode you will discover that not everyone will be a good fit for us, which means we do not collaborate with everyone. We must choose carefully.

We need to choose people who are:

  1. Not like us meaning that they will see things different from us yet not trying to make us feel less than.
  2. Have a similar mindset or worldview.
  3. Courageous enough to tell us when we are wrong and will confront us on issues that are counterproductive to what we are endeavoring to do in life.

These people will become accountability partners. They could be a mentor, coach, partner or a mastermind group.

Your Story Matters | Episode 002 | Kingsley Grant [Audio]

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Your story matters. You have a story. I have a story. We all have a story. They are just different. When we find out what our story is and how it could blaze a path for us, it could be revolutionary.

Your story mattersIn this episode, you will discover how your story could be the most important asset you have at your disposal. This discovery is done through the first of five powerful habits of growing your influence and affluence. It is the habit of Storification.

Storification simply means to add narrative to a topic; transforming some facts into a story. The problem most people have is that they add the wrong kind of narrative to their life, which leads to stuck feelings.

One of the reveal made in this show, is how to tell a better story that works for you instead of against you. See the link below on how to contact me to learn more or just click here.

When And How To Make A Major Decision | Episode 001 | Kingsley Grant

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Change is never easy. It requires adjustment and a possible reset. Sometimes it demands that we give up our norm and move from our comfortable zone, so that we can achieve something different, better and hopefully bigger.


Decision Making SkillsIn this episode, you will discover how to make a major decision in your life. It requires major but necessary changes. Making changes in life, is one of those necessary evils that we all need to experience at some point. If you have not yet had your experience, it will come. Hang in there for a while and you will be saying, I am making changes in life.

I would love to hear how you are doing that and what it is you are changing. Leave a comment below to continue this dialogue.


Some of the topics in this episode are related to: