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Making A Format Change In Business Is Sometimes Necessary | Kingsley Grant | Episode SBP053

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Some times in life we have to be open to make changes. I’ve found as an aspiring entrepreneur that this is a part of our journey. Because we are always trying out new business ideas to see where we get the most traction, we have to be ready for a change in formatting – how we do our business – frequently. In this episode, you will discover how to make those changes and why. I would love to hear your feedback on what suggestions you would have and whether or not a full episode should be devoted to this topic. […]

Feeling Thrilled About Life | Kingsley Grant | Episode SBP052

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The late R & B Grammy Award Winning performer B.B. King had a popular song entitled “The Thrill Is Gone.” The lyrics of this song would suggest it was written from an unfortunate experience he or someone he knew had.

That’s how it isthrilled feelings for some people; some thing happen to them and now their thrill is gone. They no longer have that spunk they once had. It has been taken away. Feeling thrilled about life is not a present reality for them.

Does this mean that it – the thrill – is gone forever?

In this episode, you will discover how to regain the thrill – the excitement – you may once have but now experiencing the opposite.

5 Cultures Found In A Successful Entrepreneur’s Petri Dish | Kingsley Grant | Episode SBP051

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It almost seem like a contradiction to have these two terms together: successful entrepreneur and petri dish. What does one have to do with the other?

The Petri Dish Of EntrepreneurshipIn most instances that the words petri dish is used, the reference tend to be about scientific studies. It is mostly associated with biology and other sciences. 

However, it is not so much how and where it is used as to what happens within the petri dish. 

Normally a petri dish is used to grow bacteria; to have them multiply for scientific studies. The multiplication aspect is what successful entrepreneurs do; they multiply what they have. They create the right environment for growth to take place.

5 Tips On Overcoming Entrepreneurial Depression | Kingsley Grant | Episode SBP050

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An Entrepreneur is the creative, get up and go, seeking new terrains to conquer kind of person. He or she is constantly looking for ways to grow their business. entrepreneurial depressionUnfortunately some do so to the detriment of their health, relationships and sometimes their finances.

In this journey, they may hit a “wall” that causes them to spiral out of control. They may end up self-medicating with drugs, alcohol and other substances. 

One of the most insidious occurrences is that of entrepreneurial depression. When this happens, it can sometimes end up really bad. Take the case of Robin Williams … suicide.

In this episode, you will discover how to overcome this kind of entrepreneurial depression. Outlined below are the five tips given that you will find very helpful.

Feeling Unloved Can Be Depressing | Kingsley Grant | Episode SBP049

by kingsleygrant
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It’s unfortunate how many people go through life feeling unloved by their parents, significant other, siblings and by others. This is quite emotional for them. For some it can be very depressing even to the feeling unlovedpoint of suicide.

Have you ever felt that way?

In this episode you will discover the impact this emotion can have on your overall well being. You will also hear what you can do to address this feeling if it happens to you.

4 Tips For Successful Mentoring | Kingsley Grant | Episode SBP048

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Successful mentoring is a measurable exercise … look at the Mentee. Right? Wrong. Somewhat.

The implication is that a Mentee who is not successful is a direct reflection on the Mentor. This is not successful mentoringalways the case. Sometimes a Mentor have to discontinue relationship with a Mentee because the relationship may not have been a good fit. Other times the Mentee may lack motivation and the necessary discipline to work towards success.

In this episode you will discover the four tips that will help you in your quest to become a successful mentor.

BTW: defines a mentor as someone who is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher and/or is an influential senior sponsor or supporter.

5 Morning Routines Successful Entrepreneurs Practice | Kingsley Grant | Episode SBP047

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Do you have a morning routine? How would you grade your adherence to it? Is it hit-and-miss?

I’ve found that when I’m able to stick to a morning routine no matter what, I’m so much better at Morning routines for successaccomplishing tasks. I also feel better knowing that my time is being used wisely. I know for sure that I will have accomplished at least my morning routines. That’s encouraging for me.

How about you? 

What do you do in the morning that makes you feel like you have had some victories?

In this episode you will discover the morning routines Successful Entrepreneurs swear by as reasons for their success. These are not the only reason but they would be quick to highlight the important role morning routines play.

Feeling Unappreciated Sucks | Kingsley Grant | Episode SBP046

by kingsleygrant
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It’s human nature to want to feel appreciated for the work we do or the effort we make at work, home, on the playing field or elsewhere. Feeling unappreciated can have an adverse effect upon what we do in the future.

Feeling unappreciatedEven though it might not be the reason we do what we do – to be recognized – being appreciated or acknowledged, does make a difference. It becomes the fuel that keeps our fire burning. It energizes us. Do you find that to be true in your life as well?

With this in mind, make sure you appreciate those who do things for you. Look for moments to go out of your way to acknowledge your mate, associate, co-worker, boss, employee, friend etc. We receive what we give. Give appreciation and it will return your way.

In this episode you will discover the negative impact a relationship will experience when one person is left feeling unappreciated within the relationship. 

3 Ways To Fast Track Your Success | Kingsley Grant | Episode SBP045

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You may have heard the term fast track used in a number of settings. But did you know that you could fast track your way to success?

Fast Track To SuccessThis is not one of those get-rich-quick type of sales pitch. On the contrary it is one that requires dedication, patience, hard work and consistency. 

With that said, if you and I are able to apply ourselves to these suggestion, I believe we could well be on our way to whatever success goals we have set for ourselves.

In this episode you will discover how to do just that. The three suggestions as how you can fast track your way to success is listed below. These are not the final word on fast tracking to success but they are at least a start.

5 Success Tips From Angies List Founder | Kingsley Grant | Episode SBP044

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Finding success tips whether on the internet or elsewhere, is not an issue. Tips of this sort are in abundance. Everyone have their version of success and therefore their version of success tips. Who success tips with Angie's List Founder Angie Hicksis right? It all depends on who you ask.

In a recent article from Entrepreneur Online, Jeffery Hayzlett shared his take on what the strategies that the founder of Angie’s List – Angie Hicks – gave for building success. You will be able to find his article here.

From the article I came up with the five success tips outlined below.

In this episode you will discover how important it is to have these five success tips. They are essential for your Entrepreneurial journey.