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Midlife Is Primetime For Launching Your Dreams | Kingsley Grant | Episode 057

by kingsleygrant
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Why would midlife be the primetime for launching your dreams or simply launching a dream? The answers can be many-fold. However, I believe one of the most Midlife dream lifeimportant reasons is the advantage of life experience that comes at this stage of life.

I don’t believe that any other stage of life brings with it the experiences of life that qualifies one to pursue their ultimate dream than midlife.

Imagine, you have worked on relational issues, child rearing issues, financial ups and downs, setbacks, disappointments and a host of other issues and still have several years ahead of you to get your dream off the ground. I remember one of the famous quotes of Oprah Winfrey even though it may not have been original to her, is that “life begins at fifty.” 

Normalizing Fear During Midlife Transition | Kingsley Grant | Episode 056

by kingsleygrant
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One of the main culprits that gets in the way of men in midlife pursuing their dream is fear. Fear looms over their lives so largely, it becomes intimidating.

The normalizing fear during midlife transitionareas of fears range from thoughts of being a failure, which they can’t afford at this stage of life to that of not sufficiently providing for their families.

As understandable as these fears are, trying to overcome them or get rid of them only seem to validate and make them stronger.

In this episode, you will discover the secret to overcoming these fears: normalizing them. Instead of trying to “fight” them, it’s best to acknowledge them and label them as normal.

4 Ideas On How To Manage Stress During Transition | Kingsley Grant | Episode SBP055

by kingsleygrant
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There are a myriad of ideas on how to manage stress in one’s life. One of the most frequent ideas mentioned is exercise. There is no doubt that exercise has great benefits especially in the area of stress management.

Stress managementIn this episode, you will discover four ideas that you may not have thought about as ways to manage stress.

I have found them to be helpful in my own life especially the idea of prayer … seeking outside help from a Source greater than myself.

You will also hear reference being made to a past episode – Episode SBP054 – where I shared some tips on how to “turn the corner” in your entrepreneurial journey. You can listen to that here.

Turning A Tight Corner Is Risky But Necessary | Kingsley Grant | Episode SBP054

by kingsleygrant
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Life does not unfold in a nice tidy basket. Oh how we wish it would. It would save us a bunch of heartache because of being caught off guard; the unexpected.

negotiate a tight corner entrepreneuriallyInstead, life throws us curve ball from time to time. For some people it seem like it happens more frequently than some.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were able to go from point A to point B in life in a straight line?

This unpredictability, uncertainty and the need to be flexible is also true as you pursue the life of an entrepreneur.

In this episode, you will hear how this is my most current experience. What is it that I’m doing?