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How To Travel The World By Identifying Your Dream | Gary Arndt | Episode TML065

by kingsleygrant
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What if you were told that by pursuing your dream you could travel the world? What would you do and when?

This one decision took me around the worldIf you are like me, you would want to make sure you have a guarantee. You, like me would want to know the details before-hand. Am I being presumptuous in speaking for you? I hope not.

In this episode, my guest – Gary Arndt (@EverywhereTrip), outlines a strategy that few speak about in today’s culture.


Gary shared how he sold everything he owned to travel the world, not knowing how long it would take or what more he would do. 

I Don’t Have Time Is Only An Excuse | Kingsley Grant | Episode TML064

by kingsleygrant
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Have you ever heard someone say “I don’t have time” for something they have been wanting to do? Have you ever used that phrase yourself?

I Don't Have Time Is Only An ExcuseI myself have been guilty of using that phrase, not just once, but many times. However, I’ve found that at the core of that phrase is an excuse. I believe we use the phrase as a way of letting ourselves off the hook. It gives the impression that we are busy people and who can argue that point.

What if I was to say we use it to make excuses for something we don’t want to do, fearful of doing or simply not knowing how to do what we promised to do. This promise could be to others or to self.

Successful In Business Yet Unhappy In Life | Gavin Welch | Episode TML063

by kingsleygrant
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If happiness was aligned with success, we would have more happier people in our world today.

successful in business unhappy in lifeThe correlation of being successful in business and happy in life doesn’t seem to hold true; at least not in our country – the United States.

In this episode you’ll hear my guest – Gavin Welch (@gav_welch) – talk about how that is. He himself is a successful business man, yet his statement was so profound when I asked him about his dream. (See the quote below.)

I hate Feeling Selfish and Irresponsible | Kingsley Grant | Episode TML062

by kingsleygrant
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“I hate feeling selfish” is one response I hear from some of my clients who are conflicted about pursuing their dream.

I hate feeling selfishHave you ever felt that way?

I have.

A few years ago, I had made the decision to resign my job and go after what I believed was a long-standing dream of mine – be my own boss.

What I wrestled with on numerous occasions was this one thought / question: “Am I being selfish?” “Is this about me?” “What about my family?”

These were just some of the thoughts that plagued me.

The One Question That Killed My Dreams | Michael Williamson | Episode TML061

by kingsleygrant
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Sometimes in life as the years go by, we look back and reflect upon how we are where we are in life. Have you ever done that?

One Question That Killed My DreamsThis is what my guest Michael Williamson (@mawauthor) did. He considers what he has achieved in life to be one of success. He applied himself to his craft and made the best of it.

However, he is feeling conflicted doing what he does. It is not totally his passion; his dream.

The conflictual feeling has come because his real passion is be in the arts; some thing to do with being creative. 

Letting Go Of Your Grown Child At Midlife Can Be Hard To Do | Kingsley Grant | Episode TML060

by kingsleygrant
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Most people who are at the later stage of life, is not as concerned about pursuing their dream even though some do, as those who are at an earlier stage of life.

Letting go of grown childWhat I’ve found is that most of what is said surrounding pursuing your dream, tend to cater to a one-size fits all mentality. This does not take into consideration certain facets of living that is unique to those who are in the midlife stage of life.

One of the areas has to do with living with or letting go of a grown child. By this I mean, having them move out on their own.

Test Out Your Idea Before Launching | Tom Henricksen & Kingsley Grant | Episode TML059

by kingsleygrant
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One of the lessons that so many people fail to learn when it comes to new products being brought to the market, is to test it out before launching.

The term thTest Your Idea Before Launchingat has been adopted to communicate this concept is “Market before Manufacturing.” This makes complete sense. Why make something that you think the market needs before finding out from the consumers what they need?

Most larger corporations do that. They will run tests products in certain markets to see what the demand is like and determine whether or not to produce it on a larger scale.

Why Is Phil Mulling Over His Dream | Phil Conrad & Kingsley Grant | Episode TML058

by kingsleygrant
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There are many things in life that we find ourselves mulling over from time to time. We do so when we aren’t sure what to do at the moment. Sometimes it is to Phil Conrad Mulling Over His Dreamsimply sit still and not make any hasty decisions.

It is understandable when we are in a reflective mode. However, there are times we do so out of fear; fear of the unknown.

In this episode, you will hear my guest – Phil Conrad – talk through his own journey of pursuing his midlife dreamlife. This conversation with Phil will sound like a reality show because of the raw emotions and unscripted responses.