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Feeling No Longer Needed Hurts | Kingsley Grant | Episode TML 073

by kingsleygrant
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Have you ever gone through a period in your life where you’re feeling no longer needed? What’s that like for you? Is it an empty feeling? Sad feeling? Or all the feeling no longer neededabove plus more.

So many people at different times in their lives have had these feelings. It might be because of a romantic failure where one partner chooses to leave the relationship for someone else. It could also be because of children who are growing up and are turning more to their peers for advice and friendship.

When either of these situations happen, there’s a feeling that “we’re no longer needed.” We’ve been displaced.

If You Are Not Failing You Are Not Trying | Chris Brogan | Episode TML072

by kingsleygrant
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How do you see failure?

Some people unfortunately see it as the end of the world. They have certain beliefs that have hindered them from moving forward or making important decisions.

Chris Brogan_Poster 2015_Vendela Media.jpgI see failure as learning. I don’t like to fail at what I do. It is painful for me. I know that it is an ongoing growth area that I’m committed to.

When I had my first major failure, it was at a time that I thought my life was ruined. It was more about my reputation, pride and ego than about anything else.

I had taken my state board exam to get my license so I could practice psychotherapy in my state. I failed the test twice. I only had one more chance left. 

I was born this way | Marc Mawhinney | Episode TML071

by kingsleygrant
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When you are doing work that seems so natural, it begins to feel like this was what you were born to do and nothing else. Have you ever done something that makes you feel this way? If so, what was that like?

Marc Mawhinney born this wayIn this episode you will hear Marc Mawhinney talks about why he believes he was “born this way.” You maybe asking “what way?”

I thought you would.

The way he was wired. He feels what he does today as a Coach and how successfully he does it, makes his point.

You will hear him talk about his journey to where he is today and what were the most helpful books and counsel he received to embrace what he does today.

A Midlife Dad Struggles With Letting Go Of His Adult Son And Why

by kingsleygrant
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3 Important lessons I learned from this experience

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Most people who are at the later stage of life, is not as concerned about pursuing their dream even though some do, as those who are at an earlier stage of life.

What I’ve found is that most of what is said surrounding pursuing your dream, tend to cater to a one-size fits all mentality. This does not take into consideration certain facets of living that is unique to those who are in the midlife stage of life.

One of the areas has to do with living with or letting go of a grown child. By this I mean, having them move out on their own.

I have heard much about this from other parents who have had to do that but not much is said as to the emotional and mental aspect of this transition. I have been guilty out of ignorance, of making light of this process.

In the past, I have been guilty of quickly saying to parents who were wrestling with this transition, to think of the benefits that come with this move.

Granted, there are benefits such as one less mouth to feed, possibly a reduction in utility bills and more flexibility as to how to make certain decisions; one less person to include in the decision making process. There are also benefits for the adult child: independence, responsibility, decision making, etc.

Even though this is all true, when it comes time to pull the “trigger” on this, it becomes a different ball game; it is a bit harder than anticipated. This is more so, if that grown child is not a problem within the home.

In this episode, you will hear my own journey in this process as I too had to muscle my way through this very thing. I can say, even before you discover through listening, that it was not easy. I never thought I would have the reactions I did. You will hear what they were within this episode.

When Assumptions Cost You Dollars | Kingsley Grant | Episode TML070

by kingsleygrant
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Assumptions. Assumptions. Assumptions. Have you ever made them? Did it lead to a negative or a positive outcome?

I find that most assumptions lead to negative outcomes. Assumptions Could Cost You Money

We tend to assume the worst. It’s how our mind works. It leans to the negative most of the time.

Have you found that to be so?

In this episode, I describe how an assumption on my part, may have cost me money. Not only does assumptions cost you dollars, but it makes a donkey or an A** out of you and me.

“How so” you may ask.

I Thought I Would Be Dead At 40 | Dr. John Bordeaux | Episode TML069

by kingsleygrant
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Being dead at 40 is one of the most common phrase I hear quoted by people who have a fear of dying early. I’m not sure if there is any scientific reasoning behind dead at 40 years of agethis, but my guess is that it is around the midlife marker.

Also, some people have had family members died at around that age from diseases or self-inflicted wounds. This has created a fear for them that they too might die at that stage of life.

Do you know anyone like this? Have you had similar thoughts?

Defund The Graveyard By Living Your Dream | Kingsley Grant | Episode TML068

by kingsleygrant
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From time to time there is a drive by certain groups to call attention to the need to defund some kind of government program that they are having issues with. Maybe you have been a part of one of those.

Defund the graveyardIn the United States, based upon revelations that Planned Parenthood have been selling certain tissues of aborted babies, there was and still is, an outcry for the government to defund this organization. Those who have joined forces to make their opposition known to such heinous practices – I’m one of those – do not want their tax dollars being used to perpetuate this slaughter of innocent lives. They want it stopped by defunding this organization.

This defunding campaign is similar to what is being outlined in this episode.

Making A Comeback After Losing A Ten Million Dollar Business | Leo Landaverde | Episode TML067

by kingsleygrant
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What would you do if you lost a company that was worth ten million dollars? Would you think about committing suicide? Would you even try to rebuild from such financial ruins? Would you feel qualified to use your experience to help others?

leo landaverdeIf your answer to any or all of the above was yes, you would be like our guest on today’s episode of the podcast.

In this episode you’ll hear Leo Landaverde – our guest, talk about how his journey as an immigrant from El Salvadore took him to the United States and eventually to becoming a very successful businessman.

However, after much success and the possibility of even more, the unexpected happened. He lost it all.

Viagra To The Rescue For Your Dream Life | Kingsley Grant | Episode TML066

by kingsleygrant
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Viagra has been a game changer for some men and women who are suffering from various forms of sexual dysfunction. It is commonly referred as the blue-pill and now the pink pill for women.

Viagra more than a drugEven though it addresses the sexual issues, it highlights a deeper need for the midlife man.

What’s the greater need that Viagra addresses?

It’s the issue surrounding this one question: Do I still have what it takes?

This is the question viagra seeks to answer for men in midlife.

The benefits that viagra offers makes it an appealing product. Men in midlife feel as if they have this one area of life returned to them.