One of the first things about me that you need to know is that I know these three things about you:

1. you want to be happier in life.
2. you want to spend your life doing what you love.
3. you want to create a fulfilled future
If this is not true about you, then the rest of the page won't be helpful to you.
I Have An Accent Because I Am From Jamaica ... Irie

I understand cultural differences
I Am An Entrepreneur, Married And Have 2 Adult Children

I understand the Zig Zag of the journey & responsibilities
I Know Enough To Help You Do What You Love. I Am A Sherpa.

I am just a few steps ahead of you to give you a hand
I Am Your Regular Guy Who Have Learned A Thing Or Two And Want To Pass It On To You

I am big on generosity and pay it forward
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Published Author

I am a Speaker who writes and have published a couple books [See Amazon]

Some more facts about my Entrepreneurial journey ...
these you might find interesting
  • Went back to college and graduated Cum Laude with my Masters Degree at 47 years old

    Resigned from a long-term (twenty one years) employment - in 2008 

    Underwent open-heart quadruple by-pass surgery 6 months after resignation (2008)

    Own my own private practice in Marriage & Family Therapy after failing my State Board Exam twice. Persevered and passed on the 3rd try

    Experienced teenage molestation and kept it a secret for  over 20 years. Openly speak and encourage others who have similar experiences

    Wrote a book on forgiveness as a result of coming to terms with that event

  • This is me a few years after my heart surgery feeling stronger and more energetic than ever

    I consider myself to be healthier today than ever and talk about why. One thing I impress on others is "It's more than just the physical."

  • It's not that long ago that I too struggled to align myself with my purpose, live a life of significance and create my desired future.

    It was frustrating in hindsight seeing that it wasn’t that I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but it was more lacking the confidence and the courage to take the risk.

    Once I developed a better mindset (over time), surrounded myself with like-minded people and found out the secret to making this happen, I no longer felt stuck or trapped.

    That is why I believe I have what it takes to help you to connect with YOUR PURPOSE so that you can live a HAPPIER and more FULFILLED LIFE. Here's the good news: You too can do what you love, love what you do and get paid doing so. I'll show you how HERE.

Here's how I spend most of my time as a creative, innovative

and productive idea generator

4 Main Categories: Podcasting, Creating, Writing & Networking (all not shown) These are ways of bringing value to those I serve. Add to that Speaking and Coaching. GET YOUR FREE GIFT behind image with Coffee cup.
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