The Road To Success Is Not Always Paved | John Kenney | Episode TML175

by kingsleygrant
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Sometimes when we see the success of others and how seemingly smooth their journey is, we mistakenly think the road to success for them is paved. Road to SuccessWe don’t see how they had to maneuver the path they travelled.

This assumption we make, can lead us to try to duplicate what we now see them doing, without a full understanding of their journey.

What tends to happen is that we begin to compare our beginning with their middle or their end.

This is one of the traps that so many aspiring entrepreneurs fall into.

On the other hand it can become a stumbling block for those who find themselves in transition.

Looking at what they’ve accomplished can be intimidateing to say the least.

In this episode, our guest – John Kenney – shares his journey. Even though he didn’t use the phrase “the road to success is not always paved,” it will become obvious as you listen, that he didn’t have a paved road.

As a matter of fact, it was quite the contrary.

He had to take detours and avoid the “potholes” he encountered along the way so that he could stay on the road he chose to travel on.

It wasn’t always easy. Not that it is easy today for him but it is a bit easier as he has figured out and is figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

As is any business, scaling is very important. He has found a way to scale his business through outsourcing, which can be tricky. You will hear him tell how he is doing it.

John would love to hear from you your thoughts on what he shared. You can connect with him through the following links provided:

You can find out from the following links.

► Website:

► Website:

► Twitter: @johnnykme

► Snapchat: johnnykme

More About John Kenney:

John Kenney is the founder of Orlando dueling pianos. Awarded best business in the area of music for 2015 in the city of Orlando Orlando dueling pianos specializes in Live dueling piano music for weddings and corporate events.

John is also a world-renowned traveler and speaker.


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