SCC237: Become Unstuck In Your Career With These 3 Powerful Views with Kingsley Grant

by kingsleygrant
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Kingsley Grant

Becoming unstuck in your career can sometime feel overwhelming. You have thought of so many ways of doing so and have even tried a few of them, but to no avail.

Become Unstuck In Your Career With Kingsley GrantYou are at a point where you might not want to hear it one more time that you can become unstuck in your career and actually pursue your dream career.

You may have resigned yourself to your current way of life, which includes staying in your current career even though it depresses you thinking about it. You are comfortable miserable.

Here it is that I'm purporting that you can become unstuck in your career with what I call "3 Powerful Views." Do you read this with a sigh or a roll of the eyes? Do you feel drawn towards what these could possible be because something within you still wants out?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it is quite evident that if you really were presented with something that you think would work, you'd give it one more try. 

I know that because I was like you. I too felt that way and had resigned myself with one eye remaining open. I wasn't ready to call it quits even though I felt that way. You are like me.

What you'll find out below are the three views that I believe will be helpful.

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1. The View Within

2. The View Behind

3. The View Ahead

Here is a summarized version of what is shared in this episode.

The view within: taking an honest look at where you are and what's happening within you.

The view behind: looking back at your experience, expertise and learning as well as what makes your heart sing; your heart's passion.

The view ahead: envision the future as you would like it to be. Take it all the emotions as well as the images your mind can create.

As you'll hear, this is not as easy as it appears or sound. It will require patience, honesty and outside support.


You'll also hear the mention of a FREE coaching opportunity for a 30-minute Career Change Breakthrough Strategy Session and how you can access it. You'll find reference to that below as well.

Here's who I prefer to work with as an ideal client. 


My ideal client is a professional person, who is feeling stuck in their current career and is ready to make a change.

He/she wants to become unstuck, gain clarity and take the next step towards pursuing their dream career and to do so with minimal disruption to their current lifestyle.

If this describes you, email me at so we can schedule this session.



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  • April 11, 2017

    Kingsleys podcast is one of the select few shows that I listen to, with time being our greatest asset I want to make sure that how and where I spend my time is the best use of my time, and I always get great content from Kingsley.

    • kingsleygrant
      April 14, 2017

      Hey Cliff, thanks for such a thoughtful response. I’m glad that you are a faithful listener of the show. I truly appreciate it. I would love if you could leave this same review here: Thanks again.