SCC247: The Dos and Donts of Communicating Career Change With Your Spouse with Kingsley Grant

by kingsleygrant
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Kingsley Grant
Host: Kingsley Grant

Communicating career change decisions with your spouse or significant other can be a delicate subject matter especially when the relationship is strained.

Communicating Career Change To Your Spouse With Kingsley GrantHow, where, when and why it is done, is very important to the direction in which the relationship moves. It could create more stress on the relationship straining the strands that's holding it together, or it could strengthen them. It could get closer or farther apart.

Some people are so eager to make a career change that they act before they think. They are caught up in the moment and react emotionally without some serious forethought. These decisions could be the final blow to an already strained relationship.

On the other hand, if there is mutual agreement stemming from open dialogue prior to a decision, relationships could be strengthened.

What determines this is knowing how to navigate this process.

In this episode you'll discover three DOs and five DON'Ts of communicating this very important and major decision with your spouse or significant other.

Here are the 3 DON'Ts mentioned and expanded upon within the episode:

1.Do not do so when you are out of sync with your mate

2.Do not say “I have something to talk to you about” or “I need to talk to you about something"

3.Do not make a decision and then inform them of the decision

Here are the 5 DOs mentioned and expanded upon within the episode:

1. Invite dialogue about what you’ve been thinking

2. Be open to listen and explore together

3. Look at the pros and cons of the situation

4. Explore fears

5. Explore all your options

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I just graduated from the university, and I have a great offer to join the family business. However, I don't really have a passion for it. What should I do?

Im getting a very generous offer to join the business but i have no interest in it. I feel like i have the duty to take over as it is a rather large business (annual revenue $10m+). At the same time, im not sure what i would like to do instead, so it’s confusing for me.


Hey Freddy,

This is indeed a dilemma. I’m sure it’s very tempting to think more about this offer from the standpoint of it being:

a) the family business

b) a guaranteed job

Do you know what you have a passion for?

You may not have a passion for the offer but it has to be offset by what you feel more passionate about.

If you don’t know what that is, maybe taking the time to be in the family business could definitely confirm that you don’t have a passion for it and it could give you time to figure out what it is you really want to do.

If you know what you are very passionate about, is it something that you have the skills for and is there a market for it?

My suggestion is to give yourself some time to reflect on what I’ve suggested and if possible, hire a coach to talk through some of these issues. It’s very hard for me to say without more context.

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