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Have You Been Wanting To CHANGE YOUR CAREER But FEELING STUCK? Are You In Need Of CLARITY To TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP Towards YOUR DREAM CAREER? I am here to help you do that. Stay tuned! 

Kingsley Grant
Host: Kingsley Grant

You can boost your chances of changing careers by joining the ranks of being a published author. Before you turn the page on this thinking that you could not, wait.

write-a-book-boost-career-change-julia-broad-kingsley-grantAccording to some reports, about 80% of people say that they have a book within them. This may include you.

If you have thought of writing a book and have said to yourself, “I day I’ll write a book” then this episode is for you.

In this episode our guest - Julie Broad - who oversees a business that helps people just like you fulfill your dream of writing a book, had a lot to say about the matter.

Not only did she talk about the benefits of writing a book but ways you could do so.

Here are some of the notes that I took from listening to her and by the way, even though I’ve authored a few books and ebooks, I learned a lot from her. I believe you will too.


Question: How did you get into this business?

Julie: I’ve had some success from my own self-publishing process. And people the questions that people kept asking over and over again, led me to start this business. I wanted to help people do the same”

Question: Why did you wait so long to get into the book writing business?

Julie: I was told writers don’t make money so I went to business school and earned my MBA even though it wasn’t my passion. After working for a few years utilizing my degree, I found a way to get back into writing, which led me to my current business. My degree has come in very handy in the process.

Question: What benefits are there to writing a book?

Julie: A book can help you build your reputation, brand, and your business. Because you will be among the 1% of people who actually write and publish a book, you will stand out among those who are within your space.

Question: What are some of the mistakes people make in attempting to write a book?

Julie: a) Not really thinking about the goal in the beginning and sticking to it b) trying to save money and in so doing makes the book looks like it was self-published.

Question: Which is better? A one-word title or a longer phrase/sentence title for your books?

Julie: Because Amazon searches look for keywords, a one-word title doesn’t do as well. Use the subtitle for a longer description. Keep your titles short. Imagine yourself being interviewed on the radio and having to say the name of your book a few times. Use that to determine the length of the book.

Question: Should people focus on becoming a good writer first and is writing a skill that is learnable?

Julie:  You can become a good writer. It is a skill you can develop. The more you do it the better you get as long as you are doing it right. Remember: Practice doesn’t lead to perfection is a not true if you are practicing the wrong things over and over again. It is also a skill that you could hire out if you feel this is not for you. Lastly, don’t let being a good writer get in the way. You could speak your book and have it transcribed and then edited.

Question: What are some additional tips you would give to someone considering writing a book?


  • Writing a book gives you a chance to interview others you’ve been wanting to connect with. It is a positioning tool.
  • Begin with the end in mind. Who do you want to get this book in front of? Think of that and write it for them.
  • Don’t try to be a #1 best selling author. Focus on that one reader rather than trying to blanket the whole world. By being focused like this you will probably sell more books that way.
  • Your focus is finding quality readers who will be your most valuable asset as far as getting the word out about your book.
  • Have a book that when it is placed beside one that is a New York Times best seller, becomes hard to tell.
  • Know what your objective is in writing a book.
  • Write the book that fulfills your objective of what it is you want.

You want your book to be just as good as the New York best sellers book; one that is traditionally published.

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JULIE BROAD is an Amazon Overall #1 Best Selling Author, an International Book Award Winner, and recipient of the Beverly Hills Book Award for Best Sales book.

As an entrepreneur and successful real estate investor, she was also awarded the Top 20 under 40 Award. Her latest venture, Book Launchers, helps entrepreneurs and professionals build their brand and boost their business by writing, publishing, and selling a top quality book.

In 2017, she also became a new Mom and moved from Vancouver Island, Canada to Los Angeles, California.



WEB: >> www.BookLaunchers.com

SOCIAL MEDIA: >> @juliebroad



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